Diving in Charco del Palo

immersioni Lanzarote


This dive is a good option when the sea is rough from the southwest. Noted for its purely volcanic rocky landscape with white sand. There is an excellent representation of many of the Canary Islands ecosystems in a very small space here. Above, the rocky bottom is covered with a colorful blanket of seaweed, below 10m the rock forms cliffs and caves before disappearing into the sandbars. Below 40-50 m grow forests of black coral accessible only to trained divers.

immersioni Lanzarote


This dive is unique to the island. Nature once again creates impossible shapes, a volcanic tube that we can dive into as if it were an elevator. It is a cave in which light creates magical effects due to the multitude of skylights that run through it. In addition to the elevator, the surroundings are also worth exploring for their volcanic landscape with fissures, tunnels and large arches.

immersioni Lanzarote


Giant walls line this canyon, like a corridor we will cross in the middle of the ocean surrounded by impossibly shaped rocks, caves, arches, white sandbars, etc. The normally good visibility and the way the light is reflected make El Cañón, in Mala, a unique dive in Lanzarote.