Here you will find our prices for diving courses, guided dives and beginner programs. For combinations of courses or courses and dives, please contact us to plan and get detailed prices. We offer affordable prices without compromising on quality and safety. Start planning your next underwater adventure with us.

Guided Dives

dive advanced course
1 Dive50
2-4 Dives45
5-10 Dives40
10 + Dives35
Extra Night dive10
Extra Boat (if needed)10
Included in every dive:
Full Gear
Certified Guide
Transport to the dive site
Water and Snacks


dive advanced course
SSI Scuba Diver Course (no experience required)Including online theory290€
SSI Open Water Diver Course (no experience required)Including online theory445€
SSI Advanced Adventurer CourseIncluding online theory340€
SSI Rescue Diver CourseIncluding online theory350€
SSI React Right CourseIncluding online theory99€
SSI Divemaster CourseIncluding online theory750€


Try DiveTry dive in the ocean with an instructor (2/3 hours)70€
SSI Basic Diver Course2 dives in the ocean + basic skills100€
Follow Up DiveAny extra dive after a try dive50€
Follow Up Museo AtlanticoExtra dive at the underwater museum in Playa Blanca80€

Specialty courses

dive advanced course
SSI Deep Diver CourseTheory + 3 dives250€
SSI Nitrox Diver CourseTheory + 1 dive125€
SSI Navigation CourseTheory + 2 dives160€
SSI Wreck Diving CourseTheory + 2 dives200€
SSI Perfect Trim CourseTheory + 2 dives160€
SSI Night Diver CourseTheory + 2 dives200€